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Hygiene and sustainability – a mindful perception of what is essential and necessary

Essity and the artist Janina Lamberty launch a joint art project

Hygiene and health are essential for a good life – as is the protection and preservation of our habitat.

2021 is an importante year for Essity. With the commissioning of a new plant for the production of pulp from straw, we are moving another step closer to our vision of a sustainable society in which nothing is wasted. We use what is left over by nature to create essential products that make life more pleasant.

Essity and Janina Lamberty are united by a conscious and mindful approach to people and resources.  In her work, the artist deals with cultural history, nature and science. She observes natural phenomena and processes, thereby establishing a connection to culture and science. The search for the right measure / balance plays an essential role in her work.

Her works show the existential necessity of a healthy world.

In the art project „Hygiene & Sustainability – a mindful perception of what is essential and important“, Essity and Janina Lamberty take a new look at the diversity of life. The artistic approach to straw, pulp and paper focuses on the beauty of natural materials and invites the viewer to treat our environment with care.

Essity and Janina Lamberty provide a new perspective on the diversity of life.

In a project they artistically deal with straw, pulp and paper and thus depict the beauty of the materials.