Kritik - Criticism - Crítica

Jürgen Raap

„Cascadas“ and „Cañas“

(Cascades and Canes)

About the works of Janina Lamberty

The artist Janina Lamberty worked previously as a topographer and this experience in the field of surveying still is reflected in her creative art work today. Observation of nature and the measuring of natural phenomena and processes is an existential necessity, rooted in the basic anthropological makeup of mankind. Watching out for impending changes in the weather was already of vital importance to Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer cultures, and even more so for the later, settled farming cultures. Without their knowledge of astronomy, the Phoenicians would not have been able to embark on any of the sea voyages they undertook, over distances that astound us today, given the conditions they faced. To measure one needs general orientation points and standard measures, in other words, a reference system. For elevations, sea level is taken as zero. In the aesthetics of antiquity we find an idealisation of things balanced, of pleasing proportions, and corresponding philosophical arguments for this. Thus, the word in ancient Greek for “souls”, “sophrosyne”, actually means “health of the diaphragm” and relates to an inner virtue of moderation, the “golden middle way” between strength and flexibility, between indulgence and ascetism, profligacy and meanness…

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