Begegnung mit Raum und Farbe - Encounter with space and color - Encuentro con el espacio y el color

Encounter with space and color

Janina Lamberty started her professional career with geodesy. Under this influence sequences of geometric shapes and abstract signs transformed into a particular view of the world. However, while these design elements remain important until today, they do not represent her only stimulation. Without fear she adds color in free vibration.

The relationship between line and color is an old topic of painting, and some friends of art history see this course of development as liberation of the color from the constraints of line and form. Janina Lamberty also deals with this issue. Her forms do not constrain the brilliance of the colors. Green is an important basic color for her, which brightens up to red, or creates strong contrasts in dark tones. Tensions arise and dissolve again. What is important is the direction of the light that dominates the space of a painting. However, she does not stop there, but her installations also shape the space; reach beyond what the everyday world perceives.

Thus, inner peace is conveyed. This shows us a self-confident person. Finally, what is expressed by color is not contradictory to the formal design; there is no conflict between nature and technology, but on the contrary, they integrate into an artistically designed context. The optimism of the artist is transmitted to the contemplator.

Dr. Hans-Georg Fey