Cascadas & Cañas

Janina Lamberty: Cascadas and Cañas

(Waterfalls and Canes)

In her series of works known as “Cascadas” (waterfalls) Janina Lamberty deals with the transformation of waterfall motifs. One of the first stages in creating the “Cascadas” is the making of rhythmic waves, where for the quality of the chosen paper is crucial. In a next phase of the work found bits of paper are arranged into a collage. The rhythmic interplay of the colour tones is reminiscent of a waterfall accelerating as it cascades down: Her intention to portray time sequences and motion in a picture leads, in this case of the waterfall motifs, to a vertical series of “coloured tracks”.

The “Cañas” are canes made of straw wrapped in Japanese paper. The artist lets these canes fall by the Mikado principle and fixes them with glue in the positions in which they chance to land. In this way, twirls, whirls and bunches are formed like sheaves of corn. These objects can be seen as the artistic transformation of physical forces that operate in nature in just the same way. With regard to the aesthetics of presentation, the “Cañas” (canes) are presented in exhibition settings as reliefs or wall objects. One variation of this consists of free-standing Plexi-glass columns, the canes inside them are sewed together and aligned.

Jürgen Raap