Projekt Musik und Grafik - Project Music and Graphics - Proyecto Música y Gráficos

Music & graphics

Graphical representation of the compositions
by the Catalan composer

Peré Casas

The great space has angles.

The great music sounds gently.

The great form has no contours.

And the Tao is hidden and has no name.

The Tao knows how to pass on its power

and achieve fullness.

Lao Tse: Tao Te King

MUSIC AND ART according to Janina Lamberty.

Presentation UNITED STEPS, a work from the exhibition COLOUR SOUND SPACE.

The concept of space, recurring element in the work of Janina Lamberty, makes us realize why she insists on the presence of music. In this context, her space has angles, it is an enclosed area where we move while watching how shapes flow by themselves.

Space and movement: sound and silence: music. Together with the Catalan composer Pere Casas, Janina Lamberty creates a composition entitled COLOUR SOUND SPACE.

One of their works created together is called UNITED STEPS. Two different authors, from different disciplines, achieve to put us in vibration. Music, considered as one of the most abstract art forms, connects with the work of Janina Lamberty. Together with the magic of her installations the sound converts into something difficult to define. Fact is, that we drift away; we let our senses pass by. Just like that, slowly, as they flow…

Montserrat Carné